Friday, July 19, 2013

Mini V-brakes Suck.

Road levers and mini v-brakes are a very un-ideal setup:
- Very mushy feel
- Mediocre leverage/power due to shortened arms
- Pad-to-rim clearance has to be very close to acheive proper lever pull - meaning pad positioning has to be 100% perfectly flat and your rim 100% true or else there's a good chance it'll rub. Also, this means you rely on the barrel adjusters to release the brake to remove wheel which is no longer a "quick-release".

Better choice?
Normal V-brakes with the Travel Agent V-brake adapter = exact same crisp feel, power, modulation AND quick-release as a normal V-brake. A lil heavier and pricier though. The adapters cost $20 incl. shipping each on eBay. Year ago I couldnt find em thru any traditional suppliers, interestingly. But now that Norco/Live to Play has acquired Problem Solvers this may change.

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