Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The State of Pro Cycling - Post-USADA Dope Scandal

2 words for you: UNITED KINGDOM.

Or Great Britain, British Isles, heck even England.
THIS is where the BEST action in protour ROAD CYCLING is at.

Another 2 for you:  Bradley Wiggins & Chris Froome!

And finally, 1 bomb to drop on ya:  They have already slated the 2014 Tour de France is not starting in France. It will begin guessed it, the UK!

But, alas, this upcoming Tour will be in boring old France :P...!...Corsica to be exact but fear not!
This 2013 Tour de France is....the 100th one!  Sweet!  This centennial cycling sweetness will get a record number of people all over this sick globe watchin', cheerin', bettin' and...travelling? To France to actually see n feel n smell the sweat o these sick, sexy(?) super cyclists of the world??  Oh yeah, I'll go, Lord and finances - willing!  Sigh....we shall see....we shall see least on the tele on ch98 or at least on ;)

Ride On!

Thanks Yuri H. for the tip!