Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cyclocross 1 x 11 Shimano XTR/Sram Rival 22 Project

Norco VFR 3 frameset. Why? Because it's Canadian folks! No really bec it's got my preferred off road geometry: Fisher Genesis style!
22.75" effective top tube
16.5" chainstays
11.5" BB
And a nice slope to the top tube which happens to be flat at seatube for carrying.
Also disc ready with beefy dropouts too.

SO, onto the goodstuff: The 1x11 drivetrain.

Sram Rival 22 11 speed shifters + Sram X7 Type 2/2.1 = COMPATIBLE

+ Shimano XTR M9000 11-40 cassette? Currently without a barrel adjuster, all's well except it does not shift into the lowest 40t cog. The R.D. can go there but for some reason the whole system wont shift there BUT no barrel adjuster to increase tension to do so, so that may solve it.

Sram new Rival/Force 1 RDs w long cage obvsly better choice here now but I got the X7 for $50 so there, ha! In yo face Sram! 

Wolf Tooth Drop Stop chainring on 130 bcd 5bolt crankset.
11 speed Ultegra chain
And oh yeah thats the new XTR M9000 11-40 Dyna Sys cassette with a carbon spider and titanium cogs sucka - fitting OK on any old 8-10 speed freehub! Shimano sooo rocks over Sram. This is one of the many reasons why.

Chain wrap looks sufficient

V-brakes + Road levers? Keep the normal V-brakes dont get shorter "road" V-brakes bec theyre less power, less clearance and more mush and get a Travel Agent! Worth the $35 retail. Now incl. barrel adjuster! Availble on ebay and Live to Play Sports/Norco.

UPDATE May 2015: Even with a barrel adjuster at tightest tension THIS SETUP ONLY WORKS 10 of 11 GEARS!
That is Sram Rival 11 speed shifter + Sram X7 Type 2 derailleur + CS-M9000 11-40 11 speed cassette. 

Thankfully Sram has just announced the ir new 11 speed high capacity riad r. derailleurs: Force 1 and Rival 1!  These would work perfectly here.