Friday, November 23, 2012

Scam Alert: franksales2011 edwardsales2011 or _____sales2011 et al: Scammers on ebay etc.

> CLICK "REPORT ITEM" IN THEIR EBAY ADS ASAP before the scammer removes it bec they know they get reported.

Warning you to not even deal more then u need to bec they get harsh n ugly over email when u start discovering them /asking right questions like specific questions on item and requests to pay with trusted option like PayPal, credit card etc.  They only take untraceable cash transactions like Western Union, bank to bank etc.

Thanks for listening and be vigilant/on your guard bros n sis'!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

BB30 is most versatile, most compatible bottom bracket / BB / frame design.

ALL bottom brackets / BB's and cranksets can most easily fit into a BB30 bottom bracket shell / frame, more than any other type of BB shell / frame...ya just need the right adaptors, YES?  Think about it...................................

BB30 has the narrowest shell / frame width. Thus, any bottom bracket bearing and crankset can fit into it because they are all wider then the BB30 shell/ frame width. This includes and is probably not limited to: any Shimano, FSA, SRAM, Truvativ, Race Face, Campagnolo, Fulcrum etc. 24mm integrated spindle crankset and their respective BB bearings, BB386EVO cranksets...and even any old square taper, isis, octalink system....only the right adaptor is needed. Just ask Wheels of Bloor in Toronto, Canada:  Head mechanic, Erik can custom make one, if necessary. "no problem. anything is possible!"

Albeit, a metal / aluminum / titanium / steel BB30 frame is safer and thus, in my humble,experienced and wise opinion, is recommended if you want max. reliable, durable compatibility. Unless, carbon becomes harder and tougher than metal??  Uhhmmm, not that we know of ;)  Ask DARPA, NASA or F1. ;)

Ride On!

BB386EVO 30mm AL spindle crankset compatible with any old 68mm threaded BSA BB shell / frame!

the HIVE by e*thirteen has been producing a 30mm AL spindle crankset that fits English threaded BB (bottom bracket) shells in both 68 and 73mm in widths. Yup, you heard it right, you can safely install a cutting edge superlight N stiff 30mm aluminum integrated spindle crankset onto any old frame! Like those old steel 70's "10-speed" bikes you find in decrepid, rotting public junkyards...or Bike Pirates - same thing, right?  :D Just kidding Geoffy B (Bike Pirates founder)!

Albeit, currently that I know of, the only 30mm diameter aluminum spindle crankset available that wld work here is e thirteen's own fifteen G cranksets which r an MTB 4 bolt 104 bcd design.  Maybe a BB30 triple? It's all about the BB shell+bearing width in relation to the crank's integrated spindle length; spindle must be the right length/long enough/longer than a typical road, double chainring crankset's BB30 spindle.

This (useful?) technical/mechanical discovery brought to you by BIKEFX by Dex....or just, Dex...that's my name and cycling's my game!

Ride On!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bicycling / Cycling Efficiency / Performance ! :O Thank GOD

Hmmm what else shall I write about as an adult Christian-Chinese-Canadian-Torontonian 4-season cyclist... How God has given me this opp! Yes! He rocks! Therefore we rock! "Because I (Jesus) live, you will also live" John 14.19 :O Woah.  That's BIG.  Only God can say that and back it up, eh? ;)  Love Him.

Thank you Loooord for bikes.  Bikes being by FAR the most efficient means of transportation. Period. I am talking worlds more than ANY other vehicle incl. cars, jets. even any animals.

This was proven and documented by Richard Weber at some university (I recall Duke or somewhere on the East coast of U.S.).  Google it.  Absolutely awesome. No wonder there is that special something that happens when you bike...yeah, it's called YOU workin in perfect harmony with a MACHINE to acheive the most efficient thing in existence! :

"bicycle's performance, in both biological and mechanical terms, is extraordinarily efficient. In terms of the amount of energy a person must expend to travel a given distance, investigators have calculated it to be the most efficient self-powered means of transportation.[1] From a mechanical viewpoint, up to 99% of the energy delivered by the rider into the pedals is transmitted to the wheels"



DT  Where Believers Meet.  My church! ;D

11 Speed Cross Compatibilities: Shimano Dura Ace 9000, Sram XX1, Campagnolo, Alfine.

I will be trying these combos, esp. 9000 shifters with Srams XX1 11speed 10-42 cassette and Shimano or compatible rear derailleur. Why? Because its bloody desirable as heaven thats why!!! As my Polish boss, Radek frm Wheels of Bloor the largest Cervelo dealer inthe world in Toronto would say: "KOURVA MACH! R u kidding me??!"

Srams widEST 10-42 range superlight external 11spd cassette/gearing now allows a justified use of just 1 chainring thus no front shifting/shiftr/derailleur/2nd chainrng/clearances/xtra weight/cabling etc needed at all! It wld b by nature and simplicity, Lighter, Easier, Smoother, and potentially a stiffer frame due to more room for frame material in tht area.


My Shimano rep didnt evennknow if we cld use non 9000 rd with 9000 shifters :P. Shame!  I bet you can. We must in order to work w 42t cog we need an mtb rd with 42t compatibility. So far, Sram's XX1 is the only one, officially. Unofficially? Any rd with a max. cog tooth of close to 42 will work...just not as smoothly as the XX1's - RD's pulley wheel with less than 42t max may touch the 42t cassette cog in that 42t gear only. That'd be the biggest issue. Next would be tht its shifting path may not match the 9-42 cassette shape but, that is likely a non-issue.

Crap ths is gonna b expen$ive...900$ shiftrs...who knws how much xx1 cass gona cost... Gotta borrow... ;)


NB  An 11+ speed internally geared hub is also worth noting here for non-racers aka, 'US" the people, the rest of the millions of people on earth that bike daily for fun up to multiple times a day all year round for transportation etc. ;)
WHY? Forgetting the additional 100's of grams of weight in the rear and limits against super light wheel choices because only many metal spokes can be built with these IGH DO get a smoother and thus longer lasting chain, super smooth and ultra wide gearing all with little to no maintenance compared to regular/monthly maintenance with external gears. 

***My greatest apologies. My connection did not come through with providing the XX1 parts for testing, therefore, cant test!  Don't we hate it when people don't keep their word folks?

... DT 2012