Sunday, May 12, 2013

2013 Paris-to-Ancaster Race: My First!

First time doing this: 
Placed 30/80 in my age group/field or 123 out of 567 total with an un-rideable bike - derailleur broke off and jammed in wheel - on last km.
Excellent challenge, well-organised, very popular with great people = great experience to have under your belt. 
I highly recommend! But, it is not easy. There are sections where even an intermediate mountain bike rider would consider "unride-able" due to ridiculously deep n narrow mud trails at worst and at best soft, muddy and super-irregular grassy fields.
Yeah, thanks Tim! ;)
[Tim Farrar is one of the race organisers]
The 2007 Norco VFR bike is a phenomenal cross bike.
Geax Mezcal tires also phenomenal thnx to Paul Greene of Chain Reaction Toronto.
Nike Sphere Dry shirt for the absoluate best in comfort/sweat management.
Gatorade twistspout water bottle for superlight, big capacity, reliable spout, all you want/need.
Shimano Dura Ace 7800 shifters for mindlessly fast n easy 10 speed shifting
My girlfriend Ms. M and pro photographer Ivan R. for the photos!

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