Friday, October 28, 2011

Most Comfortable Bicycle Bike Seat Saddle

For a skinny 130 - 140lb., 30+yr.-old, Asian male. Tried 10 relevant saddles before settling on these:
1. WTB Speed She
2. WTB Pure V
3. Try any WTB saddles!

No, I do not work for WTB. But, I am a year-round cyclist in Toronto and have worked for bike shops since 2000 and am currntly gainfully employed as the service manager at a busy downtown bicycle shop.

BROOKS? Havent tried yet. But, I will, come spring with the classic B17. Currently on the WTB Speed She...if only they'd make it lighter and longer! :I But, alas, yes, it is a "women's" saddle :P...but my goodness is it ever comfortable!

Thank God for NORCO who is the big distributor of WTB saddles to all your local independent bicycle shops in Canada. But, of course, u cn get a WTB product anywhere in the world.  So get one and sit on it!

Ride On!

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